Thursday, 22 November 2012

Transaxle removal.

Removed the lockwired bolt in order to disconnected the shift linkage rod. After removing the shift lever which is held on to the torque tube by two bolts, I pushed the linkage forward through the insulation.
Rubber access panels reveal bolts that retain the tranmission to torque tube coupling.
Once the two bolts are removed, the coupling is pushed aft towards the transmission.

Six tripple square bolts hold the axles to the stub shafts on the transmission. Bagging the CV joints will prevent the grease from getting contaminated. I used a ratcheting strap to fix the transmission to the jack. Random scraps of wood steady the transmission.

4 bellhousing bolts can be removed to fully separate the transaxle from the torque tube.
The reverse light switch and speedo sensor also need to be disconnected.

Lastly the nuts of the two bolts from the upper mount can be removed, and the bolts pushed out.

The transmission is quite heavy. Tilting it aft as it was being lowered is the way I maneuvered it out from under the car.

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